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AP Biology

Students will study the process of artificial selection using Innovating Science fast growing plants. Students will identify phenotypic differences to observe. They will then use selective [...]



When chemical reactions absorb heat the environment around the reaction becomes colder. Students will create an endothermic reaction and monitor the change in temperature as the [...]


Elementary Science

After a class discussion of matter and the fact that matter may differ from other matter in a variety of ways, students will examine three different [...]


Life Science

Prepare your own squashed stained slide and be able to identify the phases of plant mitosis and chromosomal development. Students will be able to prepare, stain [...]



The bacillus substilis culture is freeze dried into a lyophilized pellet packaged in a sterile plastic vial. The culture includes one tube of re hydrating broth and [...]



In this experiment, you will combine alcohols with acetic and salicylic acids to form esters in a condensation reaction. The resulting esters may then be identified [...]


STEM/Chemistry & Measurement

In this exercise, you will determine the density of four metals, similar in appearance. Mass will be determined using an Ohaus Scout® Pro electronic balance and [...]