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Bellow Type

The accordion-shaped, high capacity bulb of the Bellows pipet acts as a reservoir for filling and expelling liquids. The bulb provides strong suction for use with [...]


Blood Bank Use

Transfer Pipet, 5.0mL, Blood Bank, Graduated to 2mL, 155mm


Exact Volume Pipettes

Exact volume transfer pipets are easy to use, economical and accurate! The pipets are produced from chemically resistant, low density polyethylene (LDPE) and are designed to [...]


Extra Long

Transfer Pipet, 6.0mL, Extra Long, 225mm (9 Inches Long), 


Fine Tip

Transfer Pipet, 1.3mL, Fine Tip, 51mm


General Purpose

Transfer Pipet, 8.0mL, General Purpose, Large Bulb.  Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)



Ideal pipet for water testing and other procedures requiring an economical method of liquid transfer.


Large Bulb

Transfer Pipet, 5.0mL, Large Bulb, Graduated to 1mL, 


Narrow Stem

Transfer Pipet, 15.0mL, Narrow Stem, Large Bulb, Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)


Pediatric Sample Use

Transfer Pipet, 1.5mL, Pediatric, Graduated to 0.3mL, 115mm


Small Bulb

Material: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)


Special Purpose with Paddle

Transfer Pipet, 1.0mL, Special Purpose with Paddle



Transfer Pipet, 6.0mL, Extra Long, 225mm (9 Inches Long) STERILE


Wide Bore

We are pleased to introduce these disposable wide bore transfer pipets. These pipets feature a wide tip opening designed specifically for the transfer of viscous liquids [...]