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Slide Dispenser

The microscope slide dispenser is designed for use with 25 x 75mm and 3 x 1" microscope slides. To use, simply insert one full box of [...]


Slide Mailers

Our self-standing plastic slide mailers are produced from polypropylene (PP) and feature a flip-top lid to keep slides secure during transport. The compact, slim design saves valuable space [...]


Slide Staining Dish

Microscope slide staining dish.Lid includes slots to hold up to 25 slides upright for drying


Slide Staining Rack

Rack with handle for simultaneous staining of up to 25 microscope slides.


Slide Storage Boxes

Our microscope slide storage boxes are designed for the safe long term storage of microscope slides. They are produced from durable ABS plastic and offer a [...]


Slide Storage Cabinet

This sturdy, heavy-duty, high capacity metal slide storage cabinet is an ideal solution for the safe, long-term storage of slide specimens.